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During the recent 20 years, the nanoscience and nanotechnology, as new emerging disciplines, have profoundly affected all aspects of human life. Today, the nanotechnology is being developed explosively and lead to an enhancement of convenience for people's life. The nanotechnology plays an irreplaceable role in many important application areas including information & telecommunication (IT), energy, automobile, aerospace, environment and bio-medical industries. As the technological areas become diverse, the integration and convergence of multi-disciplinary areas has become an accelerator of rapid technological progress. Focused on the importance of nanoscience and nanotechnology needed for the coming 4th industrial revolution, we have established Nanotechnology Research Institute (NRI) in Jiaxing University, which focuses research and development of nanoscience and nanotechnology through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

With a strong support of Jiaxing Municipal Government, Jiaxing University, G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor Industry and Innovation Research Institute, the NRI has been established at the G60 Intelligent Industry & Innovative Park in Jiaxing city. We welcome enthusiastic scholars and researchers as well as young students, who are interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology, to join the NRI.

The goal of NRI is to lead the researches on nanoscience and nanotechnology and is to be a platform for collaborative R&D between industries and academia for the prosperity and safety of human life.