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Structural Nanocopmposites team

Team Leader: Dr. Bolin Tang

Team members: Dr. Cao Miao, Dr. Wu Xianyan, Dr. Zhang Huanxia, Dr. Xie Sheng, Dr. Han Wanli

Team Profile:

Polymer composites play an important role in national industrial development. In order to develop polymer composites with special functions and resistance to extreme environments, the structural nanocomposites team mainly focuses on the preparation of functional nanomaterials, the design and manufacture of polymer nanocomposites and their application. It focuses on the application of high performance carbon-based nanomaterials and low dimensional inorganic nanomaterials reinforced polymer materials in transportation, electronic and electrical appliances, construction, chemical and chemical industries.

Research areas of the team:

- Development and application of lightweight, high mechanical strength and other structural bearing materials

- Preparation and application of nano-composite materials with special functions such as high thermal and electrical conductivity

- Design, preparation and application of structural nanocomposites resistant to high and low temperature, chemical corrosion and other extreme environments

Biomedical Nanocomposites Team

Team Leader: Dr. Li Yi (2022 "Innovation Jiaxing · Elite Leading Plan" Leading talent (Category B))

Team members: Dr. Jiang Yang, Dr. Xiao Yunchao, Dr. Xi Man, etc

Team Profile:

Since its establishment one year ago, the team has published more than 10 high-quality academic papers (including 2 District 1 papers and 1 ESI highly cited paper), and applied for more than 10 national invention patents. At present, the team undertakes 1 national project, 2 projects of Zhejiang Province, 2 projects of Jiaxing City level, 3 projects of university level and 2 projects of enterprise horizontal. The project fund is about 1.5 million yuan.

Research areas of the team:

- Design and preparation of high-performance flexible nanocomposites

- Flexible sensing and electronic skin

- Wound healing and dermatological treatment

Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials Team

Team Leader: Dr. Du Yanqiu

Team members: Professor Li Haidong, Associate Professor Chen Hongxu, Dr. Liu Xuejie, etc

Team Profile:

"China's Advanced Materials Technology Development Roadmap to 2050" (Science Press, 2009) points out that high performance and functionalization of new materials is the future development trend. The organic/inorganic hybrid materials team focuses on the construction, performance control and application of polymer/inorganic nanomaterials advanced assemblies in the field of biological diagnosis and treatment, photoelectric conversion, electronic devices and other new materials.

Research areas of the team:

- Development of multistage ordered polymer/inorganic nanoparticle hybrid materials and their applications in electronic energy storage, optical devices and biosensors

- Development of precious metal arrays and their applications in biomimetic intelligence, micro-nano motors, soft robots and flexible sensors

Polymer Electrolytes team

Team Leader: Dr. Chen Chao

Team members: Dr. Liu Lichun, Dr. Wu Kai, etc

Team Profile:

In order to achieve the "double carbon" goal proposed by the state, the energy storage materials and devices team focuses on new efficient energy conversion and storage in the field of new energy materials, exploring the application of inorganic nanomaterials, porous materials, functional polymer materials in fuel cell catalysts, super capacitors, power lithium-ion batteries and other new energy fields.

Research areas of the team:

- Development and application of high-performance energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries, all-solid state batteries and super capacitors

- Development and application of energy conversion devices such as solar cells, fuel cells, photocatalytic and electrocatalytic hydrogen production

- Development and application of nanodevices in the fields of information communication, next-generation display devices and artificial intelligence


Functional Nanofiber Team

Team Leader: Professor Yan Zhiyong

Team members: Professor Cui Li, Dr. Yao Yongbo, etc

Team Profile:

Focusing on the modern textile industry, the functional nanofiber team carries out research and development and achievement transformation of functional fiber materials. It has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with Hengyi Group, Shenghong Group, Tongkun Group, Xinfengming Group and other leading enterprises in the world, and carried out basic research and application development on the functionalization of polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, cellulose, chitosan and silk fibroin. The copper antibacterial material independently developed by the team has been recognized by users and successfully applied in polyamide antibacterial fiber, polyester antibacterial fiber and polypropylene antibacterial fiber. Progress has been made in the research and development of biomass functional fiber materials such as bacterial cellulose, filamentin and chitosan, and some of the achievements have entered the pilot stage. In the last 5 years, the team has obtained more than 20 authorized invention patents, formed an independent intellectual property system, and drafted the industry standard "Antibacterial Masterbatch of Copper" (FZ/T 51017-2020). The team built a functional fiber industry-university-research platform and built the first doctoral innovation station in Zhejiang Province in Tongkun Group. Supported by the China National Textile Industry Federation and Jiaxing University, the team set up the textile industry Key Laboratory of Bionic Functional fibers, which focuses on antibacterial textiles. In the past three years, the team has won 3 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 2 national key research and development projects, 2 provincial and ministerial level projects; He has won 10 provincial and ministerial awards, including the first prize of Shanghai Technology Invention and the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress.

Dynamic Nano-interfaces Team

Team Leader: Dr. Lu Hao (Researcher, Distinguished Professor of Nanhu Scholars. In 2022, he will be selected into Zhejiang Overseas Talent Introduction Program.)

Team member: Dr. Liu Yanfeng, et al

Team Profile:

Core members of the team have long-term overseas experience in JACS, Angewandte, Nature Materials, Adv. Funct. Mater. He has published several papers in international journals, presided over the completion of instrument research and development special projects of Max Planck Association, and participated in major international cooperation projects of Max Planck Association.

Research direction: Exploration of interface physical mechanism and application of biological and energy functional materials.