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Jiaxing University held the signing ceremony of academician Soonhyung Hong of National Academy Engineering of Korea (NAEK)


On the morning of July 4, the signing ceremony of Soonhyung Hong, academician of National Academy Engineering of Korea (NAEK), was held in the third conference room of the executive building. President Sheng Songen and deputy director of Organization Department of Jiaxing Municipal Party committee Chen qiansong attended the ceremony, and vice president Zhou Yaxin presided over the ceremony. Heads of the Party school office, organization department, science and Technology Department, personnel department and other departments as well as teachers' representatives from the college of materials and textile engineering attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Sheng Songen signed an appointment and cooperation agreement with Soonhyung Hong to appoint academician Soonhyung Hong as professor of Jiaxing University and director of Nanotechnology Research Center.
 On behalf of our university, Sheng Songen thanks academician Soonhyung Hong for the all-round and in-depth cooperation with Jiaxing University, and hopes that academician Hong will give support and guidance to the college of materials and textile engineering and other relevant units and disciplines in terms of talent construction, discipline construction, international cooperation and exchange. He asked all departments and units of Jiaxing University, especially the college of materials and textile engineering, to actively integrate resources, actively cooperate with and support academician Hong in preparing for the establishment of Nanotechnology Research Center, accelerate the construction of nanomaterials discipline, and enhance the ability of personnel training, scientific research and social service.

On behalf of the Organization Department of Jiaxing Municipal Party committee and the municipal talent office, Chen qiansong welcomed academician Hong to work in Jiaxing. He pointed out that in the important opportunity period of Yangtze River Delta integration rising to the national strategy, Jiaxing is striving to build a hub type central city in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta, to build a new innovative and dynamic city facing the future, and to give full support to Jiaxing University, all of which are inseparable from the guidance and support of talents, especially top-notch talents. Academician Hong and Jiaxing University will play a greater role in the establishment of Jiaxing University and the economic and social development of Jiaxing. He said that the Organization Department of the Jiaxing Municipal Party committee, the municipal talent affairs office and Jiaxing University have made every effort to provide good service guarantee for academician Hong's work in Jiaxing.  

Soonhyung Hong said that he would give full play to his professional expertise and carry out high-level scientific research and industry university research cooperation in combination with the development status of nano materials industry in Jiaxing; help Jiaxing University build a scientific research cooperation platform between China and South Korea, vigorously promote international cooperation and exchange in the field of nano materials, cultivate nano materials research team with international vision, to form a characteristic discipline of nanotechnology.